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ALIT and other Familiar Favorites

We have exciting news: The last of the 2017 ALIT Pinot Noir is back in stock! For those of you who don't know the story, ALIT Wine is from Rose & Arrow Estate in the Willamette Valley -- one of the top Pinot Noir wineries in the U.S. Simon is not only a partner, but also works hands on across every stage, from vineyard development to blending the wines. ALIT is made from the grapes that don't go into the final Grand Cru wines, blended together to produce astounding wines, but for everyone to drink.

Dylan here: When I drink this wine, I think of my first trip to Oregon, which was just a couple years ago when I drove up there with my girlfriend, Hattie. We'd been dating just three weeks at the time, and we took the leap of faith to get into a car and make the 13 hour trip to Portland to meet her family. It went very well and I'll tell you this - there's nothing like a long journey in small quarters to really get to know someone. Beyond the excitement of newfound love, what struck me most about the trip was the vastness and wild beauty of this part of the world. Coming from Europe, where you can go from German rain to Spanish sun in a matter of hours, the sheer size of the U.S. sometimes still amazes me. The nature in Oregon, like many places in the U.S, possesses a larger-than-life beauty, punctuated by ancient volcanic mountains, glacial lakes, and sprawling valleys, it can just take your breath away. A great wine has a sense of place, and ALIT is one of those wines.



This amazing value Pinot Noir is the 'second wine' from Rose & Arrow Estate, which produces some of the worlds finest Pinot Noir, and is often compared to many of Burgundy’s top estates. The ALIT is released as a more approachable introduction to the Estate and it is just such epic value. We have said it before and we’ll say it again - it is hard to find any Pinot Noir under $50 this good. The 2017 has incredible tension, explosive aromatics, and layered complexity. This is the last of the 2017 vintage, so be sure to grab a case or two!


We adored this white from Bodegas Frontonio, whose Garnacha we featured a few weeks ago. This is another elegant wine from this small estate in northeastern Spain. The grape Macabeo is often known as Viura in other regions, most notably in Rioja. It is an incredibly versatile grape that is used in everything from still to sparkling, as well as sweet wine production. While often blended with other varietals it has the ability to produce wines of highly concentrated character as a single varietal. Bodgegas Frontonio really hit it out of the park with this one. Fresh notes of lemon rind, honeydew, hints of mango, and hazelnut combine with a clean minerality and broad, round palate. An outstanding wine from an outstanding producer.



This is the new vintage of this great Nebbiolo from just outside of Barolo in Piedmont, Italy. The region of Langhe, which is somewhat overshadowed by the famous Barolo and Barbaresco, often reveals some amazing gems at great value. Like the 2020 vintage we sold out of, the 2021 is wonderfully approachable (hard for young Nebbiolo), with expressive, ripe red fruit character, great tannins and a lovely structural elegance. Like a beautiful choir that is balanced just right, this wine sings in your mouth and leaves you with a great sense of satisfaction.

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