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ALIT II - "The Return" Episode 17

In a place a long time ago (15 million years to be precise) a cataclysmic upheaval of magma ("The Force") spewed out of the earth for over 3 million years building to a depth of over 4.5 kilometers with layers like that wonderful French dessert 'Mille Feuille'. These dark forces then went quiet until 15 thousand years ago when they returned in the form of a biblical flood, when the dragons broke the great ice dams north of The Wall and let loose a flow of water so large that if you took the flow of water from every river currently on the planet and added it up, it would still be only 1/10of the volume that this released (9 cubic miles per hours). Mind bogglingly impressive when you consider one cubic mile of water is one trillion gallons. This carved through the now cold lava and formed huge valleys filled with all the stuff it swept up on the way down from the north. Great start to a movie don’t you think?

Well, this is what happened to the Pacific Northwest and created the Willamette Valley, Oregon, where our estate 'Rose & Arrow' is located. The basalt hills are the source of our ALIT wines. After a year of retreat and contemplating its origins... ALIT PINOT NOIR IS BACK!

One of our most popular wines of all time, as no one can believe the value of this world-class Pinot. I just brought down the first pallet of the 2017 vintage, which is even more impressive than the 2015 in my opinion. This wine has a depth and tension that I don’t think can be found in any Pinot for under $50. Full of raspberries and mushrooms, it has great acidity, wonderful integration, and a long lifted finish. Delicious, smooth and sexy. The sad news is we made only limited quantities that year, so put your orders in as soon as you calm down from the excitement. It makes great holiday gifts, so keep that in mind when you fill your cart, as we will run out!

Along with the ALIT, I thought I would also pick out some of my favorite everyday drinkers that cause a widening of the eyes, a lift of an eyebrow, and a collective gasp of incredulity at the quality and value. These are the perfect wines to open midweek when you may or may not finish the bottle.

Delicious everyday reds:

A fabulous Syrah and Grenache blend. This is one of the best basic Côtes du Rhône I have had. With notes of red berries and white pepper, this red is so drinkable you could have it every night.

This is a knockout blend of young Grenache and Carignan grapes that is just marvellously drinkable. It displays rich dark fruits and hints of Christmas spices with wonderful balance, good tannins, and a fresh character that makes you take a second sip. Fantastic with burgers or beef dishes.

Fabulous everyday whites:

Broad on the palate, but still exceptionally bright and crisp, with notes of kiwi and guava, underpinned by the minerality from the schist vineyards. Drink this with oysters, scallops and even a wonderful seafood pasta or risotto.

Grown on the rocky, precipitous vineyards of Liguria, Italy. With hints of spring woodlands, apple, sage, and honeycomb, this wine has the depth and backbone to go with many richer things and its acidity really plays well with fattier fish and meats.

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