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Timeless Natural Wines

Our three wines this week are made by visionaries when it comes to the natural wine movement and truly showcase what nature can do if you let it work its magic. Made using ecologically-minded farming methods, and eschewing any chemical intervention in the winemaking process, this week's selections prove that well-made natural wines can be serious wines that rise above the "trendy" with a timeless elegance and grace.


This delicious natural wine from northern Italy is made from Garnagega, which is among the most famous white varietals of Italy, loved for its elegant perfume and delicious notes of citrus and almonds. Because Garganega grows so easily, it is often used in bulk wines, but that is no reflection of its potential for excellence. Davide Spillare, a visionary of the natural winemaking movement, has created a beautiful Garganega from the volcanic soils of Gambellara on his 10 hectares of vines that his family has stewarded for generations. He uses no interventions in the vineyards or cellar and his wines are allowed to ferment naturally, with minimal sulfur and zero filtering. We recommend letting this wine breathe for 30 minutes to reveal its full character - each sip bringing forth a new layer of nuance and complexity.


Our two reds this week are made by Ismael Arroyo, a winemaker who helped pioneer the creation of Spain's Ribera del Duero DO (Denominación de Origen) in 1982, at which point there were a mere nine wineries in the region. Today the area, which lies just two hours north of Madrid, features around 300 wineries. Tempranillo is the superhero here, and the region has, alongside Rioja, become one of Spain’s most highly regarded red wine producing regions. Ismael Arroyo does everything by hand with no chemical intervention, no irrigation, and great respect for nature.

This delicious Tempranillo is a gem you don't want to miss. Made in very small quantities, and yet such a great value for a delicious Duero red. Elegant and aromatic, with ripe fruits, hints of tobacco and spices, and a soft finish that makes it just so easy to sip. It is the perfect companion for burgers, ribs, or any red meat. Or just open a bottle and sip it late into the evening around the fire pit with friends.

This is new vintage of the Crianza Tempranillo, which we have featured before. It is well and truly the big brother of our first red wine above, displaying a little more punch and expressive fruit component on the nose with higher acids and absolutely delicious notes of mulberry, raw tobacco, and cedar. The wine is aged for 14 months in American oak barrels, which gives it a distinct mellowness that is just so lovely when combined with the sturdy backbone of a well made Tempranillo. One to open for a tapas dinner party with spicy chorizo and aged Manchego cheese.



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