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Turning the Kerner

Fall is finally here, and the beautiful, golden sunny days have a little snap in the air. Fall means it’s time for chutney making -- something my family in England did every year together when I was growing up. This weekend we were down on our ranch in Big Sur picking apples, pears, and some late-ripening figs. It’s fun to be doing the same with our family and renewing another cycle of traditions. As a young lad, I took a cheese and chutney lunch to school for years, and now it has become one of my daughters' favorites.

Our wine this week is a great autumn wine that taste like the warm, gentle sun that falls on your face while you stand amidst the apple trees while nibbling some of the freshly harvested bounty with a sense of completeness in your soul.

2019 Peter Wachtler Taschlerhof Sudtirol Eisacktaler Kerner ($22) is from the Sud Tirol in northern Italy where the vineyards which are extremely steep and south facing so that they catch enough sun to ripen in the cooler climate. The chill gives the wines a wonderful, scintillating zing. Kerner is actually a cross between Riesling and Trollinger. The Riesling imparts the delicious sweet apricots and bright acidity and the Trollinger gives it a wonderful perfume. It has notes of fresh apricots, apples, and pears, with wonderful smooth minerals that will bring a smile to your face.

This would be perfect with pasta, or heartier fall fare, such as a pork loin in a sage and apple sauce. It was also wonderful alongside my cheese and chutney sandwich (that's always extra points in my book).

Seriously, if you have not tried a cheese and chutney sandwich, grab two slices of crusty bread, add some real French or Irish butter, top with thick-sliced mature cheddar, and then give it a good slather of chutney. If you’re feeling extra British, serve salt and vinegar chips on the side. If you'd like to enjoy the gastronomic experience, we're happy to throw a pot of our homemade chutney in with your order. We still have some End of Garden as well as Sage, Apple and Onion, and will soon have more from this year’s harvest.

Finally, if the turning of the season has you in the mood for reds, we’re personally enjoying the La Bouissiere Gigondas, Piron Morgonand Piron Chenas, which are a perfect bridge for this warm to cool weather. We will have new reds coming next week, so stay tuned!

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