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Two Showstoppers for Celebrations

The holidays are around the corner, and I hope you are all getting ready to take a pause and celebrate the season with your family and friends. I wanted to leave you with a couple of showstopper wines and give you a good excuse to go the full monty and treat yourselves. (Check out last week’s newsletter for more holiday wine suggestions at mixed price points.)

The theme today is “off-piste” because all this wonderful rain is making me dream of skiing. I promise I will post when I head to the mountains so everyone can avoid the slopes, as my style is akin to a rugby player with two planks of wood tied on his boots. However, that does not stop me going off-piste to explore the special experiences that lie there. I love doing the same in the wine world, where journeying off the beaten path can lead to unexpected treasures.

Remoissenet Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Castets 2018 ($64) is an incredible white Burgundy from the hills above Montrachet, the most famous Chardonnay vineyard in the world. These hills used to be deemed too cold, but with global warming, they are now producing wines at a fraction of the cost of the Grand Crus, but close in quality. This is a sophisticated wine, full of nuanced complexity and richness. Pears, lemons, and citrus blossom with crushed stone, wrapped inside a chiffon gauze of butterscotch so light it almost slips by unnoticed. Drink with roast chicken, creamy seafood dishes, or pasta with a little chevre.

G.D Vajra Barolo Coste di Rose 2015 ($80) This red from Piemonte, Italy is beautiful and brooding, yet not overbearing, with dark fruit, sunbaked earth, and dried roses. As the first vintage from a brand-new vineyard for the Vajra family, this was truly uncharted territory. A stunning wine, it is already showing the grace most Barolos take decades of aging to develop. Give it some time to open itself up -- we recommend popping the cork about an hour before drinking -- so that it can take you on its incredible journey. We enjoyed this with a rack of lamb and a radicchio and roasted squash salad. For something simple, have alongside fresh pasta and pan-fried mushrooms, a drizzle of truffle oil, and a pile of freshly grated parmesan.

Both these wines are cellar worthy, and will continue to improve for easily the next 10 years for the Saint Aubin and 25 years for the Barolo. So, if you feel inclined grab a few extra and add to or start your cellar, it is never too late!

Cesar will be delivering wines this Friday. Please place your orders by Thursday 2:00PM so we can reserve your selection for you. You can order by phone, text, email or through our website.

Wishing you all the most joyful of holidays, and a wonderful and happy New Year.

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