Simon Litter, Founder and Chief Wine Chap

After more than 30 years in the international wine business - sourcing for top collectors, developing world-class vineyards, and building wine-focused technology start ups - Wine Friends was born from the simple joy I get helping my friends drink wine they love.

It started with a handful of friends who regularly gathered around my table to share stories, eat, laugh, and explore the great wines I'd discovered on my journeys. Little by little, "Wine Friends" spread by word of mouth and our community grew.

Our wines are curated from small, unique wineries all over the world. We seek out authentic wines created by people who have a deep connection with the terroir and the land they farm. Featuring a mix of regions, varietals and styles, our wine list has something for every palate. We do our best to keep favorites in stock, while regularly sharing exciting new finds we think you'll love. 

Discovering great wines has always been my passion - and as the saying goes, the best wines are ones shared with friends!

I do hope you will join us.