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A Redheaded Grape?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This week we have a new wine from the wonderful bio-dynamic vineyards of Bio Vio in Liguria, Italy. This beautiful region is famous for its steep sloping vineyards nestled in the hills above the Mediterranean. Everything is done by hand here because tractors and plows can't handle the terrain. The arduous work and dedication required to care for and harvest these vineyards, is part of what makes the wines from here so special.

Bio Vio sits in the western part of the region and benefits from long sun exposure and soils rich in iron, which helps create wines of wonderful ripeness, structure, and depth. They focus on varietals native to this region, including Vermentino which you may have tried (this is one of our most popular whites), and now we're excited to spotlight their Pigato, which is closely related. In fact, the name comes from the local word "pighe" which means freckles, because the grape looks just like Vermentino but with little spots, and a slight orange tint (kind of like a redheaded grape!). Some say the two varietals taste very similar, but winemakers in Liguria swear Pigato has a unique way of capturing the terroir of the region that is truly its native home.


The Bio Vio Marene Pigato 2022 is simply a stunner. We were instantly enamored when we first opened the bottle and the aromas just jumped out of the glass. Notes of pineapple, kiwi, almonds, and great mineral character. The thing that makes this wine though, is its outstanding balance. Rich, concentrated fruit is married with fresh acidity and a lovely broad palate. This is simply an outstanding wine for the price and incredibly rare - Wine Friends was able to secure a mere 3.5 cases because of the tiny production, so be sure to grab a few bottles. You will not be disappointed.


A gentle reminder of this outstanding Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley, France. The feedback on this wine has been incredible. This is a perfectly ripe Cabernet Franc with delectable notes of blueberries, mulberries, and hints of spice, with an elegant palate and smooth finish. The Loire Valley is a hotbed for all sorts of wine, and with the climate slowly warming up, more and more Cabernet Franc is achieving optimal ripeness (underripe Cab Franc often displays overly green, bell-peppery notes). This is a fantastic wine for a dinner party (pair with pan seared lamb chops) or just a quiet evening when you feel like treating yourself.

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