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Favorites for the Sun

Simon here. Its been a delightful week, beautiful blue skies, fresh clean mornings, and lots of time to taste wines! There’s nothing like getting into the game after a morning of meditation and pilates for inspiration. I have missed it these past 6 months. Thanks to Dylan, our Wine Friends have not run dry!

We are excited this week to return to some favorites from wine making families that have been in the game for generations. The new vintages are in and they are wonderful. Dominique Piron's family has been making wine for over 400 years, the Margan family at Chateau La Canorgue for 200 years, and the Schuster family for about 50 years. These families pass the baton from one generation to the next, each one finessing and improving on the one before. Well, I think they have all found something special. Rosi Schuster’s son has taken all the international vines out and replanted with local varietals, including today's Furmint, Domique Piron makes sublime rosé in Beaujolais, and Jean-Pierre Margan and his daughter Nathalie at Chateau La Canorgue (a picturesque vineyard in Luberon where they filmed ‘A Good Year,’) are making one the of the most sumptuous reds for the price there is.

On my journey, each day is a new discovery, and I am thankful. Pour yourself a glass of wine and be inspired!


Hannes took over the estate from his parents in 2007, and still works side by side in the vineyards with his mother Rosi. Their grapes are farmed over 40 small vineyard plots in Burgenland, Austria. With a focus on indigenous grapes, Hannes is crafting beautifully textured wines that we keep coming back to. In fact, it's no surprise that Hannes studied under Roland Velich of Moric wines -- one of our favorite producers who is really leading the way in that region. The 2020 Furmint is just so easy to drink. Full of stone and citrus fruits with notes of kiwi, apricot skins, and zesty lemon, while the schist and limestone soils offer a broad, clean mouthful and lingering finish. This is a lovely, refreshing white to have on it's own, with cheese, or a main of pork and apricot sauce.


It is the start of rosé season and the latest vintage of Piron rosé has come in just in time! Each summer, this flies from our shelves -- it's just the perfect picnic or beach day wine. 14th generation winemaker, Dominique Piron is carrying on a long family tradition of making wonderful Gamay wines - the single varietal of the region. This rosé is just the palest of pinks with lively notes of fresh violets, wild strawberries, yellow raspberries, and just a hint of herbs. This is a wine that is so drinkable on its own, or pair it with shrimp or chèvre cheese and it will sing. Don’t think twice about getting a case for summer, and enjoy!


Chateau la Canorgue is pretty much the most picturesque estate you can think of. Nestled in the heart of the Provence with wild herbs growing in the vineyards and a beautiful chateau overlooking the estate. Go watch the movie ‘A Good Year’ with Russell Crowe for reference. This is a warm, approachable wine with elegant notes of black cherry, raspberry and a little spice with a velvety palate. One sip of this and you'll feel like you are lounging on the patio overlooking the vines and not a care in the world. Warning: pairing this with a truffle pasta or spicy salami might make you book a flight to the Provence, so beware of that while drinking ;)

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