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Our Top Holiday Picks

This week we have rounded up some of our top picks for your holiday table. These wines are fun, festive, versatile, and delicious. They're the ones we'll be serving on our table, bringing to holiday parties, and gifting to our friends. 

Need advice for what to pair with your menu or gift a discerning friend? Don't hesitate to text us with your questions. We love offering wine help!

Here are our top wine picks for this holiday season:


This is fantastic Cava. A wonderful glass of bubbles full of earthy elegance with almond skins, morels, and bright apples on the nose, and a rich, full character on the palate. Just a lovely glass to set them mood for a festive evening.

This is everything you want from Champagne. The wine is stunningly complex and really start to come alive after a few minutes in the glass. Delectable notes of brioche, apricots, and raspberries with wonderful acidity and superb balance. This is a wine for the special toasts! 


A seductive white made from the Cortese grape with wonderful freshness and vibrant character; walnuts, hazelnuts, faint pineapple and guava, and superb balance. We can't recommend it enough. Delicious!

This is a wine that must be experienced. Outstanding quality Chardonnay from northern Burgundy with crisp notes of white peach, pear, lemon chiffon, hints of flint, and absolutely mesmerizing quality!


This is a seriously delicious wine from Rioja, Spain made from 100% Grenache and the perfect companion for flank steaks, and other red meats. This is a rustic and graceful wine with warming notes of orange zest, fresh cherries, and white pepper. 

This is a simply outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, full of delectably ripe fruit, perfect balance, and a depth that is hard to describe. Complex, elegant, and powerful, it is perfect to pair with rich wintery foods.

This is one of our best selling reds of all time, and we're excited to have it back for the Holidays. A blend of 67% Cabernet Sauvignon and 33% Merlot, this wonderful Bordeaux is such great value and sure to get oohs and ahhhs from even your most discerning friends.

A fun and unexpected bottle for your table. This red blend is made from over 20 varietals native to Portugal. Notes of ripe cherries, black olive, figs, mulberries and hints of smoke, this rich wine will pair beautifully with savory holiday meals.

This is a knockout wine made from an extremely rare varietal that is often dubbed the 'Mediterranean Nebbiolo'. It's a conversation wine as the layers of spice, earth and fruit unfold in the glass. Sophisticated, unique, and delicious, this is a real treat. 

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