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Father-Son Magic in Barolo

Dylan here! This week's wine are from an inspiring father-son team in Piemonte, Italy. Diego and son Stefano broke away from the family's multi-generational Barolo estate to explore more natural ways of making Nebbiolo. Today, the duo organically farm 20 acres in Monforte d’Alba, the southern part of Barolo, and use traditional winemaking practices such as native yeasts and 'botti' wood casks. They have become known in the area as rising stars, and when we tried their wines this week we understood why. Their Nebbiolos have an ethereal quality about them that we loved on first sip. Speaking of father-son teams, a big thank you to my father, Klaus, who recently helped me move 52 cases of the ALIT Pinot Noir from Berkeley to our Wine Friends cellar. Who knows what's next? Maybe we'll try planting some vines together in Muir Beach! Stay tuned :)

Father and son teams: Klaus and Dylan transporting 52 cases of wine to Wine Friends HQ in Sausalito; and Diego and Stefano, harvesting grapes in Italy :)


Diego and Stefano's Langhe Nebbiolo is a beautiful wine whose vines are grown on west facing slopes just outside of the Barolo zone. In the Piedmontese dialect ‘Baluma’ translates as ‘let’s dance’, and that could not be more apt. A lively wine with bright notes of rose and cherry, great mineral tension, robust tannins and delicious, approachable character. An energetic, easy drinking wine that makes your senses dance. This is one of those Nebbiolos that drinks wonderfully without much age. Serve with rich red meats like beef Bistek.


While the Langhe Nebbiolo is incredibly approachable, this Barolo is truly the big brother and displays another step up in complexity. A stunning glass of wine with a nose full of raspberries, cherries, leather and licorice that combines rustic power with a lively character. The palate proceeds to explode with intensity like fireworks in the night sky. A robust, yet graceful glass of wine that will go beautifully with grilled steaks, sausages, or a piece of Parmigianno Reggiano cheese. This is one of those wines that just makes your heart skip a beat.



A masterful expression of white Burgundy from the female-owned Domaine Mia in the Côte Chalonnaise. This estate is overseen by some of Burgundy's rockstar winemakers and viticulturists, and their dedication to nature goes as far as cultivating bees hives in the vineyards for pollination, hand harvesting every grape, and plowing with horses to protect the soil. This Chardonnay has, in our opinion, the perfect balance of fruit and minerals, with just a light touch of oak to round it out. A phenomenal glass of wine for your next dinner party, especially if you're cooking up some fresh seafood.

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