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Favorites for the Sunshine

This week we've got some new vintages ready to enjoy in the sunshine. With summer in full swing we thought it was a good time to remind you about some of our refreshing favorites that are now back in stock for the season. So, pull a lounge chair into the sun, turn on your favorite tunes, and pour yourself a glass as you settle in for an afternoon of full relaxation.


This is a crisp, minerally, and refreshing Chardonnay from northern Burgundy. Hervé Azo is just a fabulous producer of whites in the region. Petit Chablis (a name not linked to quality in any way) is a little area above the famous Chablis. Known for being a little cooler and creating leaner wines, this position is turning out to be an advantage as the climate warms, and the wines from Petit Chablis just keep getting better and better. We might like this vintage even a little more than the last one. Refreshing notes of green apple, soft herbs, a little Meyer lemon, and the great mineral tension the region is known for. It is just so easy to sip. One to stock up on for summer - last season we ran out quickly!


A quintessential summer wine if there ever was one. This tiny Basque winery had caught our eye in previous vintages, and their 2022 Finca Jakue made from the native Hondarrabi Zuri grape has done it again. Perfectly balanced with a slightly spritzy character and full of wild herbs, candied lemon drops, and verbena. This is a wine to drink with fresh seafood pasta or grilled fish. Just wonderful, and for $19? Come on!!


We love this wine! A luscious red to pull out for your alfresco dinners after the sun goes down. This Chianti Classico will tug at the heart strings of all Italian wine lovers. Villa le Corti is a picturesque estate deep in the Tuscan countryside. This blend of 95% Sangiovese and 5% Colorino (a local Tuscan grape) has such depth of character and deliciously layered elements that really start to come through with a half hour in the glass. Great mineral tension on the nose with black cherries and subtle hints of leather. It is hard not to love this wine. The perfect companion for pizza, ragù or bistecca.

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