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Two Wines and a Wedding

Well, we are still basking in the glow of our wedding over the weekend, which was a most beautiful and memorable day: It did not rain, the bride looked stunning and turned up on time, the groom remembered the rings, the organist played on key, and the best man remained sober and gave a wonderful speech. All in all, it could not have gone more splendidly.

After the wedding, we retreated to the storybook cottage we rented along the Dorset coast, where we have spent the past few days languishing in the sun, swimming in the sea, playing boules and badminton, and enjoying long, lazy meals with friends and family at the long picnic table on the lawn.

Thanks to our many prayers for a sunny wedding day, it has been an unusually hot and dry summer in much of England. I do wish, as we were sweltering slightly in the heat of the day, that we had a few bottles of this week’s first wine, a wonderful French rosé:

Domaine Pellé Menetou Salon Morogues Rosé 2021 ($25). We have had their Sauvignon Blanc before and this little appellation of Menetou-Salon, a region off-the-beaten-path in the Loire Valley, is producing some incredible wines. Domaine Pellé has led the way in coaxing wines of superb quality from the Kimmeridgian soil that also grace the more famous neighbour, Sancerre. Domaine Pellé started as a family hobby in the 19th century and has since blossomed into one of the leading producers in the area. This is a super yummy rosé made of 100% Pinot Noir and is full of wild plums, pink grapefruit, and a certain complexity that just leaves you wanting another glass. It virtually transports you to a golden summer afternoon in rural France.

On the evenings we were not down in the local pub, we BBQed out by the water and our red this week would have been the perfect accompaniment.

Monte Santoccio Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2019 ($24). From Veneto, the small yet prolific wine-growing region in the northeast corner of Italy which benefits from the proximity of the Alps to protect it from the intense Mediterranean summer heat. A lovely blend of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Molinara, all of which are sourced directly from the vineyard itself -- not the usual case in this region that churns out a lot of high-volume wines. This is just a wonderful red, with notes of black fruits, barbecued peaches, and a subtle hint of charr in the finish that just goes on and on. Its balance of rich, fresh fruit, and a distinct earthiness makes it the perfect companion for triple cream brie, risotto, or BBQ’s ribs.

With this I will leave you and hope you will join me in raising a toast to my beautiful bride!

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